Uniseal® Nitrile Exam Gloves – BlackSeal Powder-Free

SKU: 777

UniSeal BlackSeal Nitrile Exam Gloves boast superior puncture and tear-resistance when compared to latex and vinyl products and can stretch up to twice its original length. The signature black color for our BlackSeal product makes the gloves ideal for environments where stains like blood, ink and paint are preferred less visible.

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Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2XL

Length (mm)

240 mm

Palm Thickness (mm)

0.13 mm

Finger Thickness (Mil)

3 mils

Gloves Specification

Glove Sizes

SKU: 775-6 - Small
SKU: 775-7 - Medium
SKU: 775-8 - Large
SKU: 775-9 - Extra Large
SKU: 775-0 - XXL
BlackSeal® - mm BlackSeal® - in / mils
 Length (mm):  240 mm 9.5 in
 Cuff thickness (mm):  0.10 mm 4 mils
 Palm thickness (mm):  0.13 mm 5 mils
 Finger thickness (mm):  0.16 mm 6 mils
 Tensile Strength ASTM BlackSeal®
      Before aging (MPa):  min. 14  min. 16
      After aging (MPa):  min. 14  min. 16
      Before aging (%)  min. 500  550
      After aging (%)  min. 400  400

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